Eric Eldridge from City of Pismo Beach, Public Works – Engineering presented an overview of the Streetscape Project for Shell Beach Village.  Project Engineers from Tetra Tech and Randy Anderson from Alta Planning & Design were available for questions.  Exhibits of the Streetscape Improvements (30% Design Submittal) were on display; color copies were passed out to attendees.
Eldridge explained that the project is 3-in-1: improvements with multi-use path, undergrounding of utilities, and installation of recycled purple lines in the street.  The City plans to do all three at once for efficiency.
Cost of undergrounding Dinosaur Caves Park to Terrace Ave. is about $2.2 million. Credits of $1.2 million is available now, and the City will request extra funding credits from the County of SLO.  This funding would be “paid back” over 25 years as additional credits accumulate.  The City is exploring options regarding the two oil pipelines in Shell Beach Road.
The Streetscape Plan, approved by the Pismo Beach City Council in 2009, is the foundation for the designs.  Product samples and pictures for streetscape materials for pavers, benches, light fixtures, trash receptacles, and landscape options were displayed.  There were discussions about parking (loss of spaces due to crosswalk bulb-outs), landscaping, lane width (comments about 10-foot lanes being too tight), sidewalk width, & turning radius.  If Caltrans were to approve a 10 foot landscape easement, wider travel lanes would be possible.
Drainage issues were also discussed; Eldridge is asking Council for a Master Drainage Study for Shell Beach.  The Esparto drainage issues will be a different project, not part of the Streetscape Plan.
Shell Beach Improvement Group’s role:  Eric Eldridge requested that SBIG review and compile comments on the project and design options: light poles, benches, trash receptacles, pavers, etc.  He would like SBIG to be the point of contact to collect and report community information to the City of Pismo Beach.
Project Funding Availability:  Construction drawings & environmental documents are funded.  Sources for construction of project are being explored.
Overview is a summary of notes taken by Lillian Jewell, SBIG Vice President.