Date & Time

  • 5:45 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month. Location to be determined and emailed to all members, as well as listed on the home page of our website
  • General Membership meetings are January, March, May, July & September
  • Board meetings are February, April, June, August & October
  • The November meeting is for planning of the annual Holiday Stroll and nominating new board members. Date will be announced prior to meeting

Board Members

  • Dave Jewell
  • Brian Kreowski
    Vice President
  • Molly Montgomery
  • Arlene Gee
  • Katchy Andrews
    Information Officer
  • Shannon McMillen, Membership
  • Tom Reilly,Member-at-Large
  • Chelsea Brescia, Member-at-Large
  • Marshall Williams, Member-at-Large




  • Residents and business owners of Shell Beach are invited to attend meetings of SBIG
  • Only members who have paid dues have voting rights at meetings


  • $25 – Individual
  • $35 – Household
  • $50 – Business

Mark Your Calendar for 2019

The October 14th General Membership meeting will be an opportunity to view updated Alex' project renderings and to include Compass Health representatives to answer questions.As more information becomes available it will be...